Reading Challenge: Big Gal Yoga

If you liked Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley, but need something for a total beginner, pick up Big Gal Yoga by Valerie Sun. It is pleasantly, dare I say charmingly, arranged and reading it was a pleasure. The photos are plentiful and helpful, and there’s so much more to love.


Valerie covers the aspects of yogic philosophy, specifically relating them to having a bigger body, which made me so happy and comfortable. She handily covers all the basics of yoga, from the classic eight limbs to acro yoga.

The other small but great touch of this book are the lists of resources specifically for bigger bodies. Need some yoga inspiration? There’s a list of body positive yogis. How about clothes? There’s a list of big body friendly retailers! Diverse body positivity? There’s a list of websites! As a big/curvy/chunk yet funky/fat girl, this book was empowering without being pressuring.

Last but not least, (it’s probably 2/3 of the book) is the 30-Day Big Gal Yoga Challenge, which I will start soon. Just one pose a day to ease you in is perfect for someone trying to get into (or back into) yoga.

Next reading challenge is to be determined.

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